It’s official - Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women (PCUW) is now Penn Association for Gender Equity (PAGE).

As we wound down last school year, we decided to step back and reevaluate the purpose of our umbrella organization. Not only was PCUW a mouthful and difficult to pronounce, but our steering board began to feel more and more that the name did not accurately represent where we wanted our organization to be or the direction we wanted it to head in. 

If there are three things we are passionate about, they are as follows: community, constituent services and advocacy. The name Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women barely covered the first two and had very little to do with the third. It was time for us to make a change. 

Community, constituent services and advocacy. We are a homebase for women. We help women’s groups on campus achieve their goals. And most importantly, we stand for something: for the promotion of gender equity at Penn and beyond. 

Our new name is a rallying call, a declaration and a commitment to supporting women - truly, all women - in every way we can. We are proud to now call ourselves Penn Association for Gender Equity (PAGE).

This year and every year forward, we hope to tackle the issues that are facing women on our campus and beyond and do so in a way that embraces and celebrates diversity. We look forward to working with students across campus to create inclusive programming that speaks to the experiences of all women and that creates important spaces for historically marginalized voices: LGBTQ and transgender women, women of color, socioeconomically disadvantaged women. 

A new era of change, advocacy and inclusivity is emerging nationwide as more and more people call for gender justice and equity. PAGE pledges to help lead that charge. We hope students of all genders will join us as we - pun intended - start together on a new PAGE.

Looking forward,

Penn Association for Gender Equity (formerly PCUW)

P.S. Please reach out to our chair – Curie Shim, if you have any questions or concerns!